Don’t Make Yourself A Target

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Don't make yourself a target - get premium quality information security templates written by CISSP certified security professionals.

Catapult your organization to a high level of security by utilizing CISSP security professionals and the vast working knowledge of the International Standards Organization Code of Practice for Information Security Management (ISO 27002).

Security Bastion`s security templates have been developed by our team of information security authors who have many years of experience developing and more importantly implementing information security management across a wide range of organizational types.

Our templates are not just sample security examples, instead they are high-quality easily deployed information security governance templates, which can be easily customized and implemented.

Implement high-quality ISO 27002 information security policies, standards and processes -- In just a few hours you could have a complete information security governance documentation printed and fully customized to your organizations policy structure.

Because Security Bastions information security and risk management templates are developed based on industry standards you'll be reassured that your information security policies are complete and will:
(a) meet virtually any industry compliance regulation
(b) be credible and easy to communicate to senior management
(c) provide instant credibility and reassurance to business partners and clients.

Why do we need security management?

Today's commercial environment of eCommerce and highly sophisticated business offers many opportunities. The online world is rapidly growing and promoting a real global economy. This inter-networking of computers is creating border-less markets across many industries. To compete effectively within this global economy requires organizations to embrace a level of openness and accessibility. Companies intending to embrace this promising market and leverage the competitive advantages provided by Internet must devise and implement strong information security policies, both to safeguard their own information systems as well as maintain their customer’s confidence and trust.

Let's face it, developing and implementing information security policies and standards is an essential part of doing good business in today's highly sophisticated business world. Security Bastion consists of a group of senior security consultants with a mission to give every organization a chance to implement information security policies, standards and processes which are second to none, turning information security officers, managers, and information technology professionals into expert information security authors for their organizations. Sound business practices mandate security-protection for business assets. As business utilization of the Internet grows and many more private networks are linked to the Internet, the requirement for secure communications and networks grow at the same time.

Let Security Bastion do all the policy, standards and process writing and maintenance.

Writing an information security policy can be a difficult and daunting task that usually takes expert information security knowledge and a team of technical writers to complete effectively. Even when your information security policies are complete applicable standards and procedures must be written to communicate and enforce the policy statement requirements. To complete all this it can take many thousands of dollars and months to complete.